About Blinking Owl Distillery

Named after the legendary, mid-century Blinking Owl Bar on the corner of Birch and Third Street in Santa Ana, Blinking Owl Distillery is Orange County’s first craft distillery since the end of Prohibition. Owners Brian and Robin Christenson are dedicated to producing high-quality, all-California craft spirits and celebrating the history of Santa Ana.

For founder Brian Christenson, the craft is in his blood. During the days of prohibition, Brian’s great-grandfather, Fred P. Armbrust, was providing local farmers 'good spirits' via the hidden passages under his dairy farm. Brian and Robin are devoted to carrying on Fred’s passions. Legally this time.

Self-described 'locavores,' the Blinking Owl team prides themselves on taking their products from seed to sip. Working with local farmers, all of the grains used in their whiskeys, vodka, gin and Aquavit, are certified organic and from California farms. In February 2018, Blinking Owl accomplished their lofty goal of being a 100% California product.

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