About Bluegrass Distillers

Among the Bluegrass in Lexington, Ky., where fast horses are bred and the best whiskeys are made, Bluegrass Distillers is putting Kentucky in a bottle at their craft distillery. Central Kentucky is the ‘heart of bourbon,’ and the fine folks at Bluegrass Distillers put their heart into every bottle.

Founded in 2012 by Sam Rock and Nathan Brown, Bluegrass Distillers began their first mash in 2013, and their first aged bottle sales were made in November 2015. From mashing and distilling to aging and labelling, Bluegrass Distillers’ talented, dedicated team does everything by hand.

All of Bluegrass Distillers’ distinct recipes are formulated, innovated and tweaked in house. Made from locally sourced Kentucky Proud ingredients, they take their craft spirits from grain to glass. With each sip of Bluegrass Distillers’ robust bourbons and whiskeys, you’ll taste their unique Kentucky signature as it evokes the spirit of championship thoroughbred racing that made the Bluegrass state famous.

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