About Buckeye Vodka

In the ‘Birthplace of Aviation,’ Buckeye Vodka whole-heartedly subscribes to the old adage ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going.’ Aiming to help rebuild their community following The Great Recession, Buckeye Vodka is distilling pure Midwestern Vodka.

Founders Tom Rambasek, Marty Clarke, Jim and Chris Finke developed Buckeye Vodka to help their friends, family and neighbors after Dayton businesses and plants shuttered in 2008 and 2009. Building a business that created jobs and invests locally, they were able to bring Buckeye Vodka to market in 2011.

Tom, Marty, Jim and Chris are all big vodka drinkers. From their sipping experience, they know that details matter, and they wanted to craft a traditional vodka with a smooth taste. Making use of the abundance of corn crops in Ohio and the Midwest, each small batch of award-winning Buckeye Vodka is handcrafted by their team from start to finish. The end result? A smooth sip encapsulating the ‘Spirit of Ohio.'

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