About Cabresto Tequila

Behind Tequila Cabresto is a long lineage of agave growers. The family-owned brand has deep roots in Jalisco, tracing their time there back long before the distillery was founded by Silverio Lopez. More than just award-winning tequila, the Cabresto name is a stamp that promises each bottle was made with an uncompromising work ethic.

Silverio has tequila coursing through his veins. For generations, his family has been working the land, growing some of the finest agave the world has ever seen. But after years of selling the agave to other tequila producers, Silverio wanted to take the next step. He wanted to make the tequila himself. In 2006, the very first batch of Tequila Cabresto came off the still.

Every bottle from Tequila Cabresto captures the legacy of Silverio’s family history. Made in Los Altos, the Highlands of Jalisco, their agave is grown in soil enriched with iron and volcanic ash. The hot sunny days and cool moonlit nights combine to create a more flavorful, robust agave plant. And a more delicious tequila.

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