About CALI Distillery

In luxurious, sun-washed Beverly Hills, California, CALI Distillery is putting California’s legendary warm, mellow culture into the bottles of their award-winning craft spirits. Founded by a school teacher and a software geek, Howard and Marni Witkin didn’t think they had any business owning a distillery, but California is the land of dreamers and builders, so they did just that.

Howard and Marni’s trajectory towards founding CALI Distillery started by serving their delicious, homemade liqueurs to friends and dinner guests. Their friends were hooked, word spread, and local stores were asking to carry their liqueurs. Before they knew it, Marni and Howard had an operating distillery and a line of award-winning craft spirits under their belt.

Marni is a whiskey girl at heart, and she knew they needed a flavorful whiskey to add to their repertoire. Before long, they had their CALI Whiskey, an aromatic sipping whiskey that earned accolades of its own. They make their whiskey in small batches, and limited runs, so be sure to enjoy yours before there’s none left to go around.

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