About Candella Micro-Distillery

‘A Nice Place to Call Home,’ Boardman, Ohio, boasts the family owned and operated Candella Micro-Distillery. For Bill Candella and his brothers starting a micro-distillery was their birthright, and they have not disappointed the family name with their award-winning line of craft spirits.

Before founding Candella Micro-Distillery, Bill was a retired phone company engineer that spent his free time trying his hand at making wine. While Bill was making wines, Ohio was changing the laws surrounding craft distilleries. Bill checked out the new regulations, and he knew it was time to follow in the footsteps of his bootlegging grandfather, Sullivan Candella.

All of Candella Micro-Distillery’s award-winning craft spirits are handmade by the Candella Family on site in their suburban-Youngstown distillery. The cornerstone of their operation is their four-time gold medal winning Y-town Vodka. Distilled from 100% cane sugar, this award-winning craft Vodka boasts a sweet aroma with no burn and no aftertaste.

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