About Cascade Alchemy

It’s not hard to get enchanted by the scenic mountains of Bend, Oregon, and that’s just what happened to the founder of Cascade Alchemy. In 1992, he and a group of friends came to Bend on a snowboarding trip. Enthralled by what they’d seen, they simply never left.

Ten years after that fateful snowboarding trip, Cascade Alchemy was launched to put the taste of the High Desert into a bottle. Brothers and partners, Joe and James Hale made the most of their shoestring budget, building Cascade Alchemy into one of Oregon’s premier distilleries through sheer devotion.

Utilizing pure mountain water from the Cascade Mountains, local botanicals and all-natural ingredients, Cascade Distillery distills one of a kind, award-winning spirits you won’t find elsewhere. Their best-selling Chai Tea Vodka is blended with locally made Chai Tea and their award-winning Vodka giving the traditional Eastern flavor an unforgettable Oregonian signature.

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