About Catan Pisco

Meet Catan Pisco, this historic brand is the definitive introduction to the world of pisco. Founded in 2018, Catan Pisco became the first pisco distilled specifically for the U.S. But the history-making doesn’t stop there. Catalina Gaete-Bentz, Catan Pisco’s owner, is the first Chilean woman in the history of the country to own her own pisco company.

Born in Chile and raised in the U.S., Catalina can’t recall a single family dinner or celebration that didn’t start with a raised glass of pisco. But the cornerstone spirit of Chilean culture didn’t have much of a presence in the states. Catalina set out to change that with the beautifully diverse Catan Pisco.

Because of their dedication to presenting the perfect pisco, Catan Pisco spent more than 18 months developing their recipe. And they found themselves with another world’s first. Catan Pisco is the first pisco to use 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes in their recipe. The award-winning, trailblazing spirit is silky smooth, gentle, and utterly approachable.

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