About Central Standard Craft Distillery

Central Standard Craft Distillery takes pride in the fact that their small batch products are handmade with locally sourced ingredients, ensuring their top tier craft spirits always taste like Wisconsin. Have a sip of their Door County Cherry Vodka, and you’ll taste the freshness of ripe Wisconsin cherries mellowed with rich Wisconsin honey. Taste true Milwaukee with their Anodyne Coffee Vodka, the flavor packed union of Central Standard’s Rye Vodka and Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.’s beans.

Nicknamed ‘Brew City,’ ‘Beer City’ or ‘Beertown,’ Milwaukee is famous for its brewing industry. Central Standard Craft Distillery is going against the grain and paving its own path. This small batch craft distillery will not stop until they add another distinction to Milwaukee’s long list of alcohol-based monikers.

For co-owners Pat McQuillan and Evan Hughes, Central Standard isn’t just a timezone. It’s an attitude best represented by Wisconsin’s heritage of hard work and craftsmanship. Central Standard Craft Distillery takes that attitude and distills it into every ounce of their award-winning craft spirits.

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