About Chambers Bay Distillery

Drawing influence from the Puget Sound, University Place, Wash.’s Chambers Bay Distillery is on a mission to create uniquely extraordinary craft spirits. Co-owners Jeff Robinette and Alan Davis set a high bar for their craft spirits. Their stockpile of awards says they’re succeeding.

Founded in 2012, Chambers Bay Distillery started distilling in 2014 and filled their first bottles in 2015. Their uncommon line of craft spirits includes award-winning whiskey and vodka. To meet their rigid standards, their spirits possess truly unique, desirable characteristics, and they’re made from the highest quality ingredients.

Each of Chambers Bay Distillery’s craft spirits comes distinctively packaged with a compelling backstory. Named for the Norse god of the sea, Their Rán Vodka is made with high mineral sea salt from San Juan Island. The Straight Bourbon Whiskey’s aging process is unlike any other. They age the bourbon for three years in a floating boathouse on the Puget Sound. The water’s gentle rocking creates more interaction between the bourbon and wood, accelerating the aging process.

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