About Chicagoland Spirits

When he founded Chicagoland Spirits, Christopher Chickerneo stepped out from behind the bar and over to the still. Headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois, Christopher’s ‘mom and pop shop’ has been growing quicker than he ever imagined since 2011 when he opened the doors to the independent distillery.

As a bartender, Christopher relished in the opportunity to create unforgettable cocktails and lasting memories for his guests, treating them like family. He channels his years of experience into Chicagoland Spirits, allowing him to create beautiful, enriching drinks for people on a larger, more impactful level.

Even after a decade in the business, Chicagoland Spirits continues to build upon its knowledge, accomplishments, and creativity. Not wanting people to put them in a box, the Illinois distillery doesn’t subscribe to one particular distillation style. It allows them to constantly evolve and make the best possible craft spirits.

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