About Comandon Cognac

For nearly two centuries, family-fun Comandon Cognac has been business producing some of the finest cognac the whole world over. Over the course of those 200 years, their commitment to authenticity, singularity, and individuality has never once wavered. Inspired by age-old traditions, Comandon Cognac is charging towards the future.

There are many traditions and regulations tied to the production of cognac. Every rule is set in place to ensure the historic spirit is preserved for generations to come. Working within those parameters, Comandon Cognac pushes boundaries, offering new variations and delicious innovation with their line of award-winning craft cognac.

Prominent centuries ago, Comandon resurrected single-cask cognacs, a concept that disappeared many years ago. Most cognac distillation focuses on precise replications of previous batches. But Comandon focuses on single batches, each representative of their ingredients and the environment in which it is produced.

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