About Copper Kettle Distilling Company

On the shores of Michigan’s largest inland lake, the family-owned Copper Kettle Distilling Co. is working to preserve the heritage of Prudenville, one small batch of craft spirits at a time. Occupying the community’s oldest commercial building, they are helping shape the small town’s new era.

After lengthy careers in their respective fields, Chris, Cory and Loretta Czada founded Copper Kettle Distilling Co. in 2016, kickstarting their business with a year-long renovation of the 90-year-old log structure that would become their distillery. It’s said that the 30 foot logs that make up the structure were felled by a local Native American using only a two-pound axe.

Copper Kettle Distilling Co. puts the same level of respect and care into craft spirits that they did into their distillery’s renovation. Their range of craft spirits includes rum, whiskey, gin, vodka and liqueurs. Their Salted Caramel Rum and Butter Rum are sweet spins on classics. Both great for sipping on their own or giving a run-of-the-mill dessert the adult flare it deserves.

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