About Corgi Spirits

Corgis are fun and playful. But there’s a regalness to them too. It’s those characteristics that Jersey City’s Corgi Spirits set out to bottle. Founded in 2017, the family-run New Jersey distillery combines a love of animals, fine spirits and all things England in their delectable craft concoctions.

Bob Hagemann founded Corgi Spirits with the help of his folks, Bob and Nancy. The distillery’s tightly knit team has become more like a family than a group of co-workers. Bob has committed his distillery to giving back to the community that welcomed them. Corgi Spirits is proud to donate a portion of their profits to local animal rescues and the Hudson Pride Center.

Corgi Spirits’ award-winning craft spirits are all potato-based. Their Earl Grey Gin is one-of-a-kind. Unlike most, this craft gin is not infused with Earl Grey tea, it’s distilled with the tea variety. And that’s just one of Corgi Spirits’ unforgettable gin offerings. Alongside their gins, they make crisp Saddlecoat Vodka, and the masterfully blended Cardigan Whiskey.

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