About Cowboy Country Distilling Co.

Straddling the Continental Divide, where east meets west, you get the best that the country has to offer. Founded in 2017, Pinedale, Wyoming’s Cowboy Country Distilling gathers the finest of the local bounty and distills it into award-winning rum, vodka, whiskey and gin.

Cowboy Country Distilling’s founder Tim Trites has been wandering the globe for years. Along the way, he’s picked up more than 40 years of distilling experience in more than 50 countries. Pulling from his encyclopedic wealth of experience with different techniques and flavors, Tim set out to distill the true taste of the West.

Ten gallon hat, spurs and an oversized belt buckle. The cowboy lifestyle is what you get in every bottle of Cowboy Country Distilling’s award-winning craft spirits. From the crisp, Wind River Mountain Range snow melt water used to distill each spirit. To the fresh mountain raspberries in the Red Roan Raspberry Cordial. Take a sip, saddle up and enjoy a ride through Cowboy Country.

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