About Crostwater Distilled Spirits

In Lewisberry, Pa., a town of less than 400 people, is the passionate team at Crostwater Distilled Spirits. Founded by the daughter of immigrants, Crostwater Distilled Spirits was created to produce high quality craft spirits while honoring the legacy and origins of those spirits.

Crostwater Distilled Spirits’ founders, Victoria and Kevin Close, initially wanted to honor Victoria’s Russian heritage and the tradition of ‘Holy Water,’ the Russian expression for vodka, by opening a vodka and martini bar. Soon after, Victoria came to the realization that many of the staple spirits have found their way to America from all over the world, and their legacies deserve celebration too.

Crostwater Distilled Spirits’ full range of award-winning craft spirits includes vodka, whisky, rum and gin. Though rum is widely known to be made with molasses, Crostwater Distilled Spirits brings rum back to its early 1600s roots. Their gold-medal-winning rum is made with 100% cane sugar, giving the rum a candy floss flavor perfect on its own or in a slew of different cocktails.

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