About Dashfire

‘Find Your Fire’ is more than a catchphrase for Minnesota’s Dashfire Bitters. It represents the family-owned brand’s mission of chasing their passions. Co-owners Lee and Dawn Egbert channeled their ‘fire’ into an exceptional line of flavorful bitters. Giving you the tools to create unforgettable cocktails.

Dashfire Bitters products draw inspiration from Lee’s eclectic experience travelling the globe. Indulging his never-ending curiosity about the flavors and spices of different cultures, Lee has travelled the world over. From Thailand to Belize, Lee has taken every opportunity he’s been given to learn first-hand about local herbs, spices, spirits and food.

Across their entire spectrum of craft bitters, Dashfire Bitters are known for their highly flavorful, highly concentrated recipes. The high concentration of flavors is due to Dashfire’s unique maceration process. Dashfire uses significantly more botanicals to macerate the bitter than other bitters companies. With new and intriguing flavors on the horizon, there’s always something to be excited about at Dashfire Bitters.

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