About District Distilling Co.

District Distilling Co. in Washington DC offers a refuge of craft excellence to a city bustling with lawmakers and politicians. Founded in 2012 by a group of siblings and their spouses, they’re making singular craft spirits approachable for seasoned and novice drinkers alike.

At District Distilling Co., they’re passionate about their process and their ingredients. Their still was imported from legendary German still manufacturer Carl, and they have partnerships with many of the Mid-Atlantic’s finest farmers. Using proven techniques, they pay close attention to everything that goes into their bottles and your glass.

Each of District Distilling Co.’s award-winning craft spirits are designed to bring a unique flavor to the forefront of your palate. Their WildJune gin is made from wildcrafted juniper berries foraged in the west Texas mountains. Along with wild juniper berries, their Checkerbark gins feature the bark from Checkerbark juniper trees. Let their wild flavors give you the break from the everyday hustle you deserve.

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