About Dragon Distillery

Frederick, Maryland’s first distillery is the quirky, eccentric Dragon Distillery. Veteran owned, this establishment delights in the geeky and off-beat while honoring the history of Frederick through its craft spirits.

Founder Mark Lambert is a Navy veteran with deep family roots in Frederick. His family first settled the area in the 1700s on a 200 acre plot, not far from where Dragon Distillery currently sits. Named for the founder’s love of Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon Distillery embraces its nerdy disposition. For them, individuality, creativity and innovation are what breed high-quality craft spirits.

With their idiosyncratic spins on classic spirits, Dragon Distillery celebrates the history of the city and Mark’s family. Their Bad Bill Tutt’s Moonshine resurrected Mark’s moonshining great grandfather’s original recipe. They coupled the recipe with Fannie Tutt’s, Bill’s wife, love of lemon meringue pie in Fannie Tutt’s Lemon Meringue Moonshine. If you’re ever in town for a visit, beware the Snallygaster, a legendary dragon-like creature rumored to inhabit the South Mountain region, and the namesake for their rich Snallygaster Blended Whiskey.

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