About Driftless Glen

When it came time for Brian and Reneé Bemis to open up their distillery, they searched the country for an area that had the grain and water to create peerless expressions of bourbon and rye. They found it in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. In 2012, they founded Driftless Glen Distilling Co., becoming purveyors of celebrated craft whiskeys. Each offering a unique taste of the American spirit.

Driftless Glen Distilling Co. occupies a unique corner of the Driftless Area known as Sand County. The locale’s unique climate, clean water, and distinctive soil distinguish it from the rest of the world. Utilizing Midwest grains and local water, Driftless Glen emphasizes the flavor of the Driftless Area terroir.

Each bottle from the Baraboo, Wisconsin distillery is adorned with Reneé and Brian’s fingerprints. Think of it as a certification of excellence. An acknowledgement that these spirits went through the independent distillery’s refined double-distillation process. But the greatness doesn’t stop there. Driftless Glen is a zero-waste distillery, recycling 100% of their byproduct.

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