About DS Tayman

DS Tayman was founded on a pair of passions. Founder Danny Saltman has had a fascination with Scotch from the very first time his grandfather gave him a dram. His passion evolved when he spent time picking grapes while working at a winery in Israel. Over time, he began searching for a way to merge his two passions together.

The whisky and wine worlds combined for Danny in 2020, when he founded DS Tayman with Saul Taylor. Known around DS Tayman as the Director of Malts, Danny traveled Scotland for years, sampling whiskies from remote distilleries. Each whisky is paired with a unique, hand-picked wine barrel specifically chosen to complement the individual malt styles.

DS Tayman presents Scotch in its purest form. Constantly tested and sampled to ensure they’re bottled at their peak, each award-winning bottle that bears the DS Tayman name contains whisky from a single cask, not some giant vat. Their scotches aren’t chill-filtered, and they never use added colorings or flavors.

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