About Dutch & Dewey Distillery

In the mountains of the small northern California Town, Blue Lake, Dutch and Dewey Distillery, a small-batch craft distillery, honors the distilling traditions of the farmers from yesteryear. Utilizing all the natural resources available to them, Dutch & Dewey Distillery hand makes their award-winning craft spirits.

Named for his grandfather’s horses, Dutch and Dewey, Jeff St. John founded the distillery in 2013. Jeff’s grandfather was a farmer, and he passed on to Jeff the traditions of working hard, living sustainably and utilizing surplus crops to distill the ‘Spirit of the Farm.’ Jeff is carrying on his grandfather’s lessons and legacy by creating craft spirits that are complete products of Humboldt County.

Each of Dutch & Dewey Distillery’s award-winning craft spirits begin in the small batch fractionating stills that were designed and built by Jeff. Starting with crisp California rain water, their craft spirits are entirely produced, distilled and bottled on site in their off-the-grid solar and hydro powered distillery.

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