About El Nacimiento Tequila

Just outside of the small Mexican town of Nacimiento are lush volcanic hills with rich soil. For more than a century, the Quiroz family has been using the extraordinary soil to commercially grow agave. By 1998 they were distilling it on their own, creating El Nacimiento Tequila.

With generations of experience comes a wealth of traditional production methods. El Nacimiento continues to use these time-tested techniques to form the basis of their award-winning tequilas. The extraordinary taste and remarkable smoothness of their small batch spirits all starts with their Blue Weber Agave.

Keeping with their traditions, El Nacimiento waits eight years before harvesting the agave. Slow-cooking in masonry kilns, open-air fermentation, and a double distillation process create the heavenly craft tequilas. Following methods that are over a century old is not easy, but with just one sip, you’ll understand the difference tradition makes.

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