About Fire Oak Distillery

Fire Oak Distillery is a strong proponent of quality over quantity. Their decorated line of craft spirits is punctuated by just two products: Fire Oak Premium Vodka and Fire Oak Texas Bourbon. Both of these premium sipping craft spirits highlight Fire Oak Distillery’s uncompromising Texas attitude for excellence.

Sitting at the mouth of Texas Hill Country, Fire Oak Distillery welcomes you to the mountains and valleys with bottles of fine craft vodka and bourbon. You’ll find the heart of Texas and its communities in every glass filled with Fire Oak Distillery’s award-winning craft spirits.

Fire Oak Distillery was founded in 2013 by husband and wife, Guy and Tanya Endsley. Their mission was simple: start a business that would support the local community and attract the never-ending swaths of tourists. Naturally, they started distilling craft spirits with the best that Texas has to offer. They tested batches, people loved them and demanded more.

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