About Fish Hawk Spirits

In Ocala, Florida, Fish Hawk Spirits is distilling the natural bounties and sweet aromas of Florida. With more than ten uncommon craft spirits to choose from, Fish Hawk Spirits offers up something different and unique for every type of drinker.

Founded in 2012, Fish Hawk Spirits aims to capture the spirit of Old Florida. Working out of a shed, what they lack in flair, Fish Hawk Spirits makes up with their expansive line of award-winning craft spirits. Whiskey, rum, vodka and absinthe, they do it all on site, on their farm, with hand-built stills and equipment.

Almost all of Fish Hawk Spirits’ ingredients come from their farm where they grow corn, herbs, botanicals and fresh fruit. If Fish Hawk doesn’t grow it, they source it from one of their local agricultural partners. In every bottle of Fish Hawk Spirits family of craft spirits, you’ll taste the freshness that makes Florida famous.

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