About Five & 20 Spirits

The soil in Westfield, New York is drenched and enriched with the history of the Whiskey Rebellion. With their roots firmly planted in Westfield’s historic soil, Five & 20 Spirits makes award-winning craft spirits with authentic New York flavors in every bottle.

For more than 45 years, Mario Mazza’s family has been making craft beverages on the shores of Lake Erie. In 2006, he added to the portfolio by founding Five & 20 Spirits. Mario had more than award-winning craft spirits in mind for the distillery. Teaming with TimberFish Technologies, they created a tiny ecosystem that recycles spent water and grain into a tank that raises seafood. Each day, the system produces 2,000 gallons of clean water.

Five & 20 is leading the charge against one-dimensional whiskies. They use five different barrel sizes, from four different cooperages in three different regions. Blending their Rye Whiskey and Bourbon from the different barrels breeds award-winning complexities. Nearly all of the grain they use is estate grown, or grown by a neighbor.

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