About Flag Hill Distillery

What was once a dairy farm is now a thriving winery and distillery. Located on an 110-acre conservation easement, Flag Hill has been around since 1987 when they planted their first grapes. But it wasn’t until 2004 that they started distilling craft spirits, making Flag Hill New Hampshire’s first farm distillery. 

In addition to owning Flag Hill, Brian Ferguson also serves as the Head Distiller at the farm distillery. Brian’s passion for distilling stems from his love of fine food and beverage. His love of flavor naturally progressed to a passion for building beautiful whiskey from the ground up. 

That’s exactly what they’re doing at Flag Hill. As a farm distillery, they grow all of their grains for whiskey production on site. Their focus on growing quality raw grains is surpassed by few, and those grains shine due to their distilling process. Flag Hill distills their spirits ‘heavier’ than most, not only capturing aromatics, but oils as well, giving their craft spirits significant body, structure, and depth.

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