About Full Circle Craft Distillers Co.

Located on the foothills of Mount Makiling in the lush, tropical province of Laguna is the Philippines’ first authentic craft distillery, Full Circle Craft Distillers Co. Founded in 2018 by married duo Matthew and Laurie Westfall, the craft distillery promotes the very best the Philippines has to offer, putting the country on the global spirits map.

Full Circle traces its roots back to Matthew’s grandfather who arrived in Manila in 1918 to work at the famed San Miguel Brewery. Drawn by their familial roots, the independent distillery is also inspired by Matthew and Laurie’s personal love for the Philippines’ rich history and fascination with the country’s wondrous array of exotic botanicals.

Archipelago Botanical Gin is handcrafted from a beautiful batch of 28 botanicals, 22 of which are foraged from across the Philippines. The citrus-forward, botanical-rich, award-winning small batch gin highlights the country’s unique botanicals. Each of which tell a story, and all together, Archipelago Botanical Gin tells the Philippine’s story.

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