About Gate 11 Distillery

You wouldn't think that a defunct train station turned hotel would be the place to find award-winning craft spirits. But you’d be mistaken. Tennessee’s Gate 11 Distillery is headquartered in the historic Chattanooga Choo Choo Railway Station. Opened in 2019, the micro-distillery uses an artisan-built still system to make their wide range of craft spirits.

Founder William A. Lee spent more than two decades learning the art and science behind producing distilled spirits. Most of that time was spent learning on a much larger scale than craft distilling. Gate 11 Distillery is his chance to take the fundamental principles he learned, scale down, and apply them to a broad range of small batch spirits.

The folks behind the craft distillery built their own pot, column, and small batch reflux still systems. Before they run the stills to make their award-winning craft spirits, Gate 11 Distillery runs their recipes through a rigorous development process based on the founders’ background in R&D at Fortune 500 food and beverage companies.

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