About Gold River Distillery

Sacramento County has a storied history with liquor. During the Gold Rush-era saloons lined the streets. And during Prohibition, it’s rumored that Sacramento was one of the easiest places to find libations. It’s this legacy that Rancho Cordova’s Gold River Distillery is celebrating with their award-winning craft spirits.

Founded in 2014 by Greg Baughman, Gold River Distillery is Sacramento County’s first legal distillery since the end of Prohibition. Their dedication to the area’s underground history is on every label of their Wheel House craft spirits. The line’s name salutes the river boat captains that transported bootlegged liquor on their boats during Prohibition. Risking their lives to keep Sacramento’s liquor industry alive.

The award-winning Wheel House line of craft spirits includes gin, vodka, absinthe, whiskey and bourbon. Taking their commitment to Sacramento County one step further, Gold River Distillery presents their Wheel House Malted Rice Whiskey. Made from malted rice 100% locally sourced. Close your eyes, take a sip and you might hear a river boat pass you by.

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