About Grand Teton Distillery

For Grand Teton Distillery, being headquartered in ‘The Heart of Teton Valley’ means that yesterday’s snow becomes today’s spirits. Sitting in the shadows of the Teton Mountain Range, the Driggs, Idaho distillery turns glacial melt and the best that Idaho has to offer into award-winning craft spirits.

Grand Teton Distillery owners William and Linda Beckett are constantly inspired by their surroundings. The grandeur of the Teton Mountain Range and Idaho’s abundantly potato rich land got them thinking. How could they produce quality craft spirits that they would want to drink themselves? One way, they figured, was to start a distillery. In 2011, they did just that.

Grand Teton’s craft whiskey, bourbon and vodka share a commonality. They all start in a deep well filled pristine water from Teton Mountain glacial melt. What would an Idaho distillery be without a potato-based vodka? Grand Teton Distillery has two. Grand Teton Potato Vodka and Huckleberry Vodka.

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