About Griffo Distillery

Best known as one of the largest producers of wine grapes in California’s Wine Country, Sonoma County is home to a large agricultural community that produces a wide range of natural bounties. The family owned and operated Griffo Distillery in Petaluma seizes those bounties and creates complex award-winning craft spirits.

The genesis of Griffo Distillery came during a relaxing wine country weekend for founders Michael and Jenny Griffo in August 2008. Tired of travelling for work and being stuck in labs, Jenny and Michael just wanted to spend their days building a business together. Years of penny-pinching and recipe-tasting later, they opened the doors of Griffo Distillery in 2015.

Griffo Distillery doesn’t have to look far for its ingredients. Their award-winning craft spirits are made with all-California ingredients, all of which are sourced from within 15-miles of the distillery. For double the taste of Petaluma, try their Stout Barreled Whiskey. Griffo Distillery finished their whiskey in used stout barrels from another Petaluma staple, Lagunitas Brewery..

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