About Guidance Whiskey

Long before he founded Guidance Whiskey, Jason Ridgel promised his family in Alabama he would always pursue greatness. Inspired by whiskey culture and remembering his promise to his family, Jason started bottling greatness at Nashville, Tennessee’s Guidance Whiskey in 2018.

The word ‘Guidance’ is more than a name for the team behind Guidance Whiskey. It represents a journey. It represents all of those who came before them, and those that helped build the brand along the way. But it also points to the future. Not only does Guidance Whiskey provide a robust craft whiskey from a black owned business, they’re helping support those trying to realize their dreams within the business.

Distilled in small batches at an Iowa distillery, Guidance Whiskey is made from a carefully constructed blend of corn, rye, and a touch of malted barley. Two full years aging in Nashville turn this American whiskey into the embodiment of full flavor. With no heat and an impossibly smooth finish, Guidance Whiskey leaves you craving the next sip of greatness.

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