About Gustoso Artisanal Rum

At the very core of Gustoso Rum is a commitment. A commitment to following the practices of their ancestors. Located in Michoacán, Mexico, Gustoso Rum produces craft rum using methods passed down throughout generations. While challenging, the independent distillery finds sticking to tradition is the most rewarding.

Each and every step of the distillation process at Gustoso Rum showcases and highlights the beautiful natural bounty of Michoacán. They take no shortcuts and make no compromises with their methods and ingredients. Staying true to the path of their ancestors and producing award-winning artisanal rums.  

The Gustoso Rum line of craft rums are stitched together with a range of blending techniques and aging methods. To make their Aged Rum they age Blanco in three different casks: fresh oak, sherry, and single-use whiskey. Gustoso Artisanal Aged Rum is packed with robust complexities that must be experienced.

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