About Heimat New York

Opened in 2018, Heimat New York highlights the beauty of local, seasonal fruits, showing just how wonderful craft liqueur can be. The independent distillery was inspired by founder Ute Londrigan’s grandmother, Oma, who taught Ute that to make delicious food and drink, fresh produce is an absolute must.

Ute moved to New York in 2015, and that’s when the stars started to align. She was amazed by the beautiful locally grown fruits, many of which come from just an hour outside the city. Like her grandmother would, Ute started making liqueurs as holiday gifts for friends and family. Everyone loved them, and wanted more.

Heimat New York makes each of their small batch liqueurs once a year. For good reason. They only use fruit that’s in season, working directly with local farmers to get the produce at just the right time. It’s a relationship they hold dear. By now, the farmers know how Heimat likes their fruit, with some waiting to pick berries just a little bit longer.

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