About Hendricks Family Distillery

Just like the name suggests, start to finish Hendricks Family Distillery is a family operation. Karl came up with the idea. A welder by trade, Zac built the stills. Peggy got the permits. Jim supervised the construction of the distillery. Add in 100% Wisconsin potatoes, and you get their award-winning Pure Class Vodkas and Eureka Moon spirits.

Wisconsin potatoes and a hard-working family. That’s all it takes for Omro, Wisconsin’s Hendricks Family Distillery to craft award-winning craft spirits. Founded in the summer of 2011, every member of the Hendricks family has a hand in this distillery.

In Spring 2011, Karl Hendricks, equipped with a notebook filled cover-to-cover with notes, called a meeting with his family. His parents, Jim and Peggy, and brother, Zac, always knew that he tossed around the idea of opening a distillery. But during that meeting, it dawned on them that he was serious. The Hendricks family took a vote, and it was decided. By June, the founded Hendricks Family Distillery.

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