About IslandJon Vodka

In a sun drenched suburb of New Port Richey, Florida, there’s a small-batch distillery making award-winning craft vodkas. Owned and operated by a father-son team, IslandJon Vodka and their spirits celebrate the warm sun and lush atmosphere of the Caribbean.

Islandjon Vodka was founded in 2015 by Levi and Kevin John. Hailing from the Caribbean, Levi has spent his life on stage and travelling the world as a musician. In his decades of island living and world travel, Levi learned that there is nothing more important than embracing unforgettable moments. It’s this attitude that IslandJon Vodka is distilling in their award-winning craft vodkas.

IslandJon Vodka makes two distinct craft vodkas so smooth and refreshing, no matter how you enjoy your drink they’ll be sure to please. Inspired by Levi’s upbringing in Trinidad and Tobago, IslandJon presents their Apple Gwayav. Their award-winning vodka is infused with the ‘Apple Guava’ species of guava for a flowery aroma and subtle sweetness to win over even the most stubborn palates.

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