About James Bay Distillers

Founded in 2014, James Bay Distillers sits on a foundation of decades of world travel and working abroad. Through their travels, Ernest and Leigh Troth were instilled with an enthusiasm for world-class whiskey and gin. The enthusiasm simmered beneath the surface for years until they opened the doors to their independent distillery in Everett, Washington.

But Ernest and Leigh’s travels aren’t finished just yet. Though the independent distillery is based in Washington State, James Bay Distillers barrel aging house is located in British Columbia. Their unique focus on ‘cross-border spirits’ shines a light on one thing. Delicious, affordable luxury.

But luxurious, robust Canadian whiskey and crisp gin are only the beginning. On top of their small batch, award-winning craft spirits, the Washington distillery bolsters the local craft community by calling on craft breweries for some assistance. Craft brewers will occasionally supply James Bay with wash to be used in the distilling process.

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