About Jersey Artisan Distilling

Sandwiched between marsh land and swamps, is Fairfield, New Jersey’s award-winning craft distillery, Jersey Artisan Distilling. Founded in 2013, they keep things simple. Jersey Artisan Distilling does two things. Whiskey made from Sorghum and rum.

All it took to open New Jersey’s first distillery since the end of prohibition was a question. In 2010, Jersey Artisan Distilling’s founder Brant Braue’s brother asked him, ‘If you could wake up tomorrow and do anything, what would it be?’ Soon, Brant had an answer. A trivial question turned into a fascination with opening a distillery. Three short years later, Brant opened the doors to Jersey Artisan Distilling.

At Jersey Artisan Distilling, their selection may be limited. But their flavors are boundless. James F.C. Hyde was the foremost Sorghum pioneer, writing the definitive work on growing, harvesting and distilling Sorghum in 1857. So, Jersey Artisan Distilling named their James F.C. Hyde Sorgho Whiskey for him. It’s a rich taste 160 years in the making.

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