About Jewell Distillery

Along the banks of the Mad River in Blue Lake, is the small-batch Jewell Distillery. Founded in 2016 by husband-wife duo Michael and Barbara Jewell, they’re distilling singular craft spirits sure to make you long for the sunny skies of Northern California.

Michael and Barbara lived off the grid high up in the mountains of Humboldt County. It was there that Jewell Distillery got its start. During that time they were tinkering around and distilling on a still that used to belong to the infamous Calabrese family, last used during prohibition. They shared their spirits, and the reactions were always the same. People loved them.

Each of Jewell Distillery’s award-winning craft spirits starts as pure mountain spring water. From gin, to vodka, to moonshine, their craft spirits are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Try their Big Buddha Citron Vodka. Infused with Buddha Hand and Etrog fruits, this uncommon craft vodka bursts out of the bottle with a kick of lemon and citrus aromas.

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