About Jon Basil Tequila

Jon Basíl Tequila is for the ambitious ones. Those who constantly strive for greatness. For the people chasing success, and those who have already attained it. Jon Basíl represents a singular movement. From day one, the Chicago-based tequila brand has continually pushed themselves forward.

Friends Uduimoh Umolu and Belall Taher set out with a lofty goal. To place themselves among the youngest creators of premium liquor. The children of African and Palestinian immigrants, Uduimoh and Belall launched Jon Basíl Tequila in December 2018. And from the very beginning, their craft tequila has become a celebration staple.

Named for Udimoh’s father, each batch of Jon Basíl Tequila is hand-crafted, from the harvest to the application of the table. Both their Blanco and Reposado are fashioned from a slow-cooked blend of perfectly ripened Highland and Lowland Agave and rainwater. The inexplicably smooth finish of Jon Basíl Tequila is perfect, no matter the celebration.

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