About Juan More Time Tequila

In Mexico, tequila is a time-tested tradition. For Juan More Time Tequila, time is more than just a name. It’s a crucial component in their award-winning Blanco and Reposado tequilas. Take a sip and you’ll taste the time, the traditions and the land.

Founded in 2015 by Jose Carlos Gonzalez, Juan More Time Tequila tracks its processes back to the distillers of vino mezcal in the early 20th century. They believe that clean ingredients lead to clean tequilas, so they ensure that every agave plant they utilize is certified organic.

At Juan More Time Tequila, the ticks of a clock are just as valuable an ingredient as the agave azul. The plants are grown for a minimum of seven years, after their harvest they’re cooked in a volcanic stone oven for up to 40 hours and milled three times before fermenting naturally in open tanks for four days. All of that results in a supremely sippable tequila that’s ready to stock your home bar.

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