About Kennay Farms Distilling

For six generations, the Kennay family has been farming in Illinois. But it wasn’t until 2019 that they realized they could do more than grow and harvest crops. Combining their love of agriculture and family, they opened Kennay Farms Distilling, ensuring a place for future family members on the farm.

Owners Rick and Doris Kennay were inspired by the farm to table movement. They knew they had something truly unique to share. Because not only do they make their spirits grain to glass, but from the top down they’re a family owned and operated distillery. On each step of the way, someone related to the Kennay family plays an integral role.

From start to finish, Kennay Farms Distilling controls every piece of the process for their award-winning craft spirits. Growing, hand-selecting, and harvesting grains, milling and distilling, it all happens at the family farm and independent distillery in Rochelle, Illinois.

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