About Kerrs Creek Distillery

One part hobby. Two parts family history. Add some love for their hometown. Combine locally sourced ingredients and enjoy Walton, New York’s Kerrs Creek Distillery responsibly. Opened in 2015, Kerrs Creek Distillery is a family owned and operated farm distillery making craft bourbon, vodka and whiskey.

Kerrs Creek Distillery is owned and operated by Matthew and Jessica White, and Jessica’s parents, Bob and Loretta Beckmann. Matthew and Jessica have their own experience with home brewing. But the bulk of the experience comes from Bob’s father, grandfather and great grandfather. Who, during Prohibition, were running booze from Walton to New York City under the guise of a family piano business.

The apples and potatoes Kerrs Creek Distillery uses are grown on their farm and the farm next door. The corn and grains come from a farm in the Finger Lakes. As a farm distillery, you can be sure that New York is in every sippable bottle of craft spirits from Kerrs Creek.

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