About KGB Spirits

In the 1820s, a man named Simeon Turley was one of the biggest suppliers of grains and spirits to the US Army. Simeon’s Taos Lightning whiskey was the oldest branded whiskey in the American West. But his distilling legacy was cut short by the Taos Pueblo Revolt. In 2009, his history was resurrected by KGB Spirits. The distillery obtained the rights to Taos Lightning from a jeweler in Taos and immediately started distilling award-winning craft spirits.

Along with their Taos Lightning line of whiskies, KGB Spirits also produces gin, vodka and liqueur. Their whiskies are made from Colorado grains, and they gather other ingredients from around the world. Sri Lankan vanilla, Sicilian bergamot and Tuscan juniper berries ensure that you’ve never had a sip as worldly as theirs.

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