About Kula Rum

From their remarkable rum to the ornate bottles that carry it, everything Kula Rum makes is a toast to the majesty of Hawaii. In the Polynesian islands, crafting rum is an art form with millennia of history. And this Hawaiian rum distillery celebrates that legacy in even the smallest details.

Polynesians have seemingly been fermenting sugar cane juice to make spirits forever, with the earliest known instances going back to nearly 3000 BCE. Kula Rum serves as an homage to the cultures that paved the way. Literally meaning ‘open meadows,’ Kula is an homage to where they make their rums. The bottle represents the iconic Spring Mountain. And the lettering is modeled after traditional tattoo design.

For the Hawaiian distillery, it’s important their ingredients come from a healthy, nurtured Earth. Just like the ancient Polynesian cultures before them, Kula Rum uses fresh-pressed natural sugar cane juice to form the base of their singular craft rums. Blended with deep ocean mineral water, Kula bottles the Paradise of the Pacific.

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