About La Luna Mezcal

From the sandy shores to the mountain peaks, Michoacán is one of Mexico’s most abundant states. It’s a state brimming with tradition, culture, and history. Amidst Michoacán’s lush landscapes, La Luna Mezcal is dedicated to sharing the flavors of this little-known region of the world with their award-winning mezcal.

Founded in 2019, La Luna Mezcal produces their craft mezcal in the lush, mountainous regions of Michoacán. With each bottle, they highlight generations of artisanal practices. The craft distillery is committed to preserving the distilling practices of their ancestors. Even when that means doing things the hard way.

At elevations over 6,500 feet, La Luna makes their craft mezcal from both wild and semi-cultivated agave. Both of which are harvested under the glow of the moon after reaching maturity. In today’s world, most people seek the easy route. But La Luna Mezcal forgoes the easy route for tradition. Every part of their mezcal-making process is done by hand.

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