About La Truffe Cognac

When your family has been doing the same thing since the late 1600s, it’s easy to know what your path is. That’s the story for Alexis Cabanne and La Truffe Cognac. The Cabanne family has been producing extraordinary cognac for centuries. La Truffe continues the tradition on the same estate, using the same methods since 1686.

The Cabanne family’s sprawling vineyard encompasses 80 hectares across the French towns of Saint-Brice and Bourg Charente. As the Cellar Master, Alexis controls everything that finds its way into every bottle of La Truffe Cognac.

Alexis hand-selects every batch of eau-de-vie that’s soon to become La Truffe Cognac. The hand selected liquors are blended together and aged in small oak barrels for varying intervals. The casks are stored in damp cellars, covered with clay. The humidity gives these small batch cognacs very distinct flavors, like their signature notes of truffle.

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