About Lass & Lions Craft Spirits

Founded in 2017, Chattanooga’s Lass & Lions is run by a tight knit group of friends and family. They’re a small batch, award-winning craft distillery with more than craft vodka on their minds. Lass & Lions is here to innovate.

Founded by Danette and Bobby Newton, Jeff Viggers and Brian Clifford, Lass & Lions is a product of pure teamwork. Danette’s a biomedical engineer with extensive experience in botanicals. Her background, coupled with Bobby’s background in chemistry and Jeff’s process engineering experience, leads to award-winning craft vodkas. Brian’s legal expertise facilitated releasing the craft vodkas to the public.

If you’re looking for more than just a savory sip in your craft spirits, Lass & Lion has what you’re looking for. Their award-winning line of functional craft spirits are infused with botanicals to compliment a variety of moods. Special occasion? Try their Rush vodka for an energetic experience. Been a long day? Try their Unwind vodka infused with chamomile and lemongrass sure to put you at ease.

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