About Lassiter Distilling Company

Knightdale, North Carolina’s Lassiter Distilling Company isn’t like most distilleries. Opened in 2016, it’s a two-person operation founded on little-to-no experience. But that hasn’t stopped them. It’s now the award-winning brainchild of an entrepreneurial husband and wife team with a blind obsession for crafting the best imaginable rum.

Founders Gentry and Rebecca Lassiter spent a decade working in corporate America. For them, it was a decade well spent. But they couldn’t keep their minds off their passions. Good drinks, making things with their hands and American history. A history, they’ll tell you, that’s drenched with rum. They spent years researching rum production before moving from Chicago back to their roots in Knightdale to open Lassiter Distilling Company.

Each of Lassiter Distilling Company’s three rums starts as two simple ingredients: blackstrap molasses and unrefined cane sugar. With a custom-built still, they use a single distillation method to create their rums. Though challenging, the process preserves the unique flavors found in molasses. Which provides the foundation for their award-winning rums.

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